Animal Jam World Map Guide

Animal Jam is based in a world called Jamaa.  The map consists of 7 land areas and 4 ocean areas that you are free to explore.  You play the game as an animal character that you create and customize to make your own.

The map of Jamaa has everything from desert savannah to snowy mountains.  Explore the entire map to collect items for your Journey Book.  To find out where all of the Journey Book items are located, click here.

Each of the land areas are connected so you can walk to each one by following different paths.  To save time, you can teleport to different areas by clicking on the globe in the lower right hand corner of your screen.  This also works for the ocean areas.

For codes, cheats, and secrets for how to advance in Animal Jam, check out this page.

The Journey Book is just the beginning to what you can do in Jamaa.  You can also play games, watch movies, solve mysteries, chat with friends, and even go to parties!

Below you will find guides for each of the land and ocean areas in Jamaa.


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