Ancient Armor Set (Promo Version)

Greetings, fellow Jammers! Today, we have got some exciting news for you. Back in March, the Ancient Armor set was released in Animal Jam. You can find an extensive article about it, right here on Animaljamworld. However, there is a new Ancient Armor set available in AJ.

It is a promotional Ancient Armor set, released at the beginning of August, 2018. If you want to get the set, you will have to enter a code, which you can find in the Direwolf vs. Sabertooth Animal Jam Box. Let’s take a closer look at the armor set, and see what it is all about!

Ancient Armor (Promo) Appearance

The promotional Ancient Armor set is often confused with the regular Ancient Armor. There are some slight differences, however. The set consists of five pieces; The Ancient Helmet, Ancient Amulet, Ancient Armor, Ancient Gauntlets and Ancient Tail Armor. The difference is that the promotional set has a different color scheme, compared to the regular set.

I have taken some pictures to show the difference. The main color of the promotional armor set is purple, with grey tones in it. The armor pieces also have gems and crystals on them, which are also purple and grey in color. Below, you will see the different armor pieces.

Ancient Helmet

Ancient Amulet

Ancient Armor

Ancient Gauntlets

Ancient Tail Armor

While quite similar to the regular Ancient Armor, the promotional set definitely sticks out, thanks to its different colors. Jammers will know that you had access to the promo code, which is the only way to get the armor set in Animal Jam. Because of this, the armor set is already rare, and many Jammers have flocked to trading websites to get their hands on one.

Promo Ancient Armor Codes

The only way to get the promotional Ancient Armor set is to enter the code into the game. Because of this, many Jammers are looking around for the code on the internet. However, it will be nearly impossible to find a working code. The promo codes for the armor set were can only be found in the Direwolf vs. Sabertooth Animal Jam Box. This means that you will have to buy that exact Animal Jam Box, find the code within and enter it, to get the armor.

One thing to note is that the pictures for the promotional Ancient Armor pieces all seem to have Diamond icons on them. This normally indicates that you can buy the armor pieces with Diamonds. However, this is just a mistake, and is not valid in this case. You cannot buy the promotional Ancient Armor Set with Diamonds.

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