Animal Jam Pig Codes

Everyone’s excited about the newest animal to come to the Diamond Shop, the Pig!  When they announced pigs would be coming to Jamaa I couldn’t wait!


Well pigs are here now and they’re available at the Diamond Shop for 5 diamonds.  What if you’re not a member or don’t have 5 diamonds to spend?  Don’t worry, we’re here to help!


Pigs can access all land areas in Jamaa and love to play in the mud, check out their “play” action!  They have their own little mud puddle to play in.


Animal Jam Pigs Play!

It’s easy to see why Jammers are excited for pigs coming to Jamaa but not everyone is a member or has enough diamonds to buy one.  That’s why I added this page so we can share any pig codes we find or hear about.


The quickest way to get a pig in Animal Jam is to get a membership.  AJ memberships come with a ton of diamonds that you can use to purchase a pig.

If you want a membership then keep an eye out for our membership giveaways or check out our guide for how to get a free membership.


On very rare occasions, AJHQ will put out special codes for certain animals.  If you know of any pig codes for Animal Jam, please leave them in the comments so they can be shared with other Jammers!


I think they should have a pig party where everyone gets to play in a giant mud pit!  Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone had pigs in Animal Jam?  Let’s make it happen, share your pig codes below!

I’ll keep this page updated as new pig codes are found, check back again soon!

  1. AJHQ if you could give me a pig i would be so happy my username is Beehive204.

  2. I know this is late but can someone tell me if I already have 2 animals and I’m a nonmember and I buy a pig, will I be able to use it?

  3. plz ajhq can you give me one more dimmound im loldollowner thats my user. i really love pigs and penguins i have a penguin but aj plz i really want a pig. tysm if you get me a pig or 1 dimound

  4. thanks you

  5. If any one has a pet pig GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE I have been looking for one for my sister she is so kind harted and it is all most her birthday and I don’t have any thing to give her so please give me a pig so I have a amazing gift to give her so please GIVE IT TO ME

  6. Hey aj im Warriorlove13 (my aj user) i want a pig so bad ive tryed to get one but never had the gems could you send me 9 more gems i know its alot to ask but it would mean everything to me! thnaks so much!

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