Animal Jam Sloth Codes

Sloths are the newest animal to arrive to the Diamond Shop in 2016!  They lost the voting contest earlier this year but AJHQ decided to add them to the game anyways!


I dont know about you but I’ve been curious about how the sloth will move and act around Jamaa.  Will they move slowly?  Let’s find out!


Sloths can be purchased at the Diamond Shop for the cost of 5 Diamonds.  Sloths are the second animal in a row to come up for sale for only 5 diamonds, usually animals cost 10.  I wonder if this is some kind of summer special or if they’ll stay this price?


I had some diamonds saved up so I went and bought a sloth this morning.  If you aren’t a member or you dont have 5 diamonds to spend, check out our guide for how to get a free Animal Jam membership or enter our monthly giveaway!


Animal Jam Sloths in Action

I created this page because sometimes there will be special codes released for certain rare Animal Jam animals.  If you know of any codes for sloths, please share them with your fellow Jammers in the comments!


Now let’s see how sloths look in Animal Jam and check out some of their moves!  Here’s how they play.  Sloths have their very own climbing bar that they will use when you click the “play” option!


I bet you didn’t know that they’re also good at jumping rope – with their arms!  Instead of just hopping in place, sloths will jump rope using their arms when you click the “hop” action, showoffs!


It doesn’t happen very often, but there may be some sloth codes out there to unlock sloths for free!  Please share any sloth codes you hear about in the comments.  If I find any codes that work, I’ll add them to this page!


I think it’d be so funny to see a group of sloths crawling around Jamaa.  Help out other Jammers and share your sloth codes here!

Check back soon because I’ll update this page with any new sloth codes I find!

  1. Plz If u have any sloth vodes COMMENT

  2. I know one


    Please buddy me

  3. hey my name is nieveann

  4. Trench works still but it gives you 500 gems now

  5. i hope we can find more codes that work!
    im not sure if trench still works cuz last time i tried it it gave me a diamond
    THANKS TO ANYONE WHO FINDS CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. does anyone know any codes for this I really want to creep out some players with a sloth and if ya want someone cool to hang with my user is hallowspooky no caps or space or if you wanna hang with a youtuber my name here is my youtube

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