Bigfoot & T-Rex in Animal Jam?!

Hey Jammers there is some major news in Jamaa today!  I’ve seen announcements that the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Bigfoot are both coming to Animal Jam!  Isn’t that crazy?  Now let’s see what this might be about.

In an earlier post I thought that dragons might be coming to Animal Jam.  It turns out I was wrong and it was the Sabertooth but maybe the T-Rex is it?!  There have been stranger things that have happened in Animal Jam.  Plus everyone loves dinosaurs!

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) in Animal Jam

Today on the AJHQ Explorer blog it was announced that T-Rex’s are the newest animal coming to Animal Jam!  My mind was blown – dinosaurs in Animal Jam?!  I quickly logged in to see if there was more information but I couldn’t find any.

Then I went back to blog and started reading the comments.  Yep, today is April 1st aka April Fools Day!  I was a bit sad after finding out that this was all an April Fools joke.  But then I laughed because AJHQ had got me!

So unfortunately it does not look like the Tyrannosaurus Rex will be joining the rest of the animals in the game.  At least not yet!  Do you think AJHQ will ever add dinosaurs to Animal Jam?  I mean they’re technically a kind of animal, right?  I would want a Stegosaurus and a Brontosaurus.  Which dinos would you want to see in Jamaa?

Animal Jam Bigfoot/Sasquatch

After I had gotten over my disappointment about the T-Rex I was browsing Tumblr and I found someone had posted this image.  Bigfoot coming soon to Animal Jam!  This time I wasn’t as gullible and figured out it was another April Fools joke.  I can’t remember the user who made this, but I just wanted to say nice work!  It looks pretty real!

This picture reminded me that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard Bigfoot rumors around Jamaa.  Sasquatch sightings in the game have gone back all the way to the Beta Days, although I’ve never seen any real evidence of it.

There was a rumor going around that you could find Bigfoot at Mt Shiveer at the edge of the area where the ice cliff meets the forest.  I’ve never been able to see him or anything that looks like a Sasquatch in that spot.  I think it was either a glitch or fake.

Even though there hasn’t been hard evidence found of him, Bigfoot still remains a hot topic in Animal Jam.  Some Jammers have even written fanfiction with a full backstory on how Bigfoot is in the game.  Credit to that user for making the image above, I think this one looks real too!

So sorry to give the bad news but it looks like both the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Bigfoot announcements were just clever April Fools jokes.  I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Sasquatch or any dinosaurs in Jamaa for a while.  Or will we?

  1. OI I would love to have dinosaurs in Animal Jam uwu

  2. Cool picture i love its BTW my user for aj is zoink1 buddy me now or never!!!!

  3. Hey I’m the person who made the first bigfoot picture (gecko-plushie on tumblr, although I posted it to therealajhq which is a blog I helped run with my friends), my friend showed me your post on discord and I just wanted to say thank you for saying such nice things about it! Im really flattered even though it was supposed to just be a dumb joke i’m glad people think it’s cool!

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