Attention Jammers!  This is not a prank!  It’s the biggest codes update I’ve ever seen since we started this site and probably since Animal Jam was created!!

Earlier this summer was a tough time when AJHQ got rid of most of the working codes that were available.  We waited for months with only a few new codes coming out.  Until now…

AJHQ recently launched a new AJ Academy app for Android and iOS.  Why is that important you might ask?  Well for one, it’s a pretty cool app that has all of the ebooks for every animal in the game right on your phone!  But most importantly, each animal’s ebook has a special code with it.  That makes for a total of 29 new codes from the AJ Academy app, plus a couple others that some helpful readers here at AJW have shown me!

Here’s a video of all the new codes being entered to show that they work and what they give you!  If you don’t want to have to wait through the whole video just head over to the main codes page on our site to see the full list!

This is by far the most new codes I’ve seen added to Animal Jam at one time.  If you enter all 31 of these new codes you will get a whopping 23,550 gems!  That should keep even the biggest spenders busy for a while.

I don’t know how long these codes will be active for so make sure you enter them right away and be sure to check out the Animal Jam Academy app while you’re at it!  There’s a lot to learn about all of the animals in Jamma and you might even find some other surprises too.

Thank you to all of the readers here who told me about the new codes! There’s no way I’d be able to find them all by myself so thank you to everyone who helps out.  Check back soon for more updates and enjoy your gems!

  1. can we have a flying animal thats worth gems and not diamonds but for non members. and i would also like to have more animals like a panther thank u

  2. i wish aj was more fair to non members my family does not have enough money for a membership and it make animal jam less fun because we seem like less than members and that makes things less fun

  3. aj will rule the world 😀

  4. i love aj soooo much

  5. I want animal and rare spike clothes but like only very secret for the rare spike ones because i know for all members there was arctic fox, arctic wolf and snow leopard so yeah i think it would be a good idea to. i also think we should like a animal cow like farm animals apart from the horse and pig and llama and sheep and goat so i think it would be great to have some changes to the game.Maybe add props and clothes to the photo booth and pay 5 gems for each prop. i would be really happy if you add these ideas. thankyou and animal jam is awesome!

  6. can u put more codes on cuz i spent them all lol and can u make them have more cool stuff like diamonds and prizes and more gems thx

  7. i need help getting dimonds

  8. Whats the code?

  9. these codes work and i am sooooooo happy!! i am getting so cool stuff thx

  10. … Spent it all in a day LOL

  11. yah i want more animal jam diamond codes

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