How to Get Free Sapphires in Play Wild

Play Wild has evolved into a huge mobile community rivaling Animal Jam.  Just as the game has advanced since it’s early stages, so have the in-game currencies.  Sapphires were added to the game in March 2016 as a premium currency, similar to diamonds in Animal Jam.  AJHQ had also released sapphires during beta-testing and decided to bring them back once the game became more popular.

Sapphires are more difficult to obtain than gems but they can be used to purchase rarer items and special animals.  Let’s take a look at what Play Wild sapphires are and how to get them free!

What are Play Wild Sapphires?

Play Wild has two main forms of currency – gems and sapphires.  Gems are the normal currency in Play Wild and can easily be won from playing games and completing treasure hunts.  But you are limited to which items you can buy with gems.

Sapphires are the premium Play Wild currency and are harder to get.  That’s because sapphires can be used to purchase exclusive items, clothing and of course, animals.  You can check how many sapphires you have by tapping on the gem icon on your screen.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an Animal Jam member to get and spend sapphires in Play Wild!  Now let’s see what sapphires can be used for.

What can you buy with Sapphires?

Players can use sapphires to purchase a variety of different things in Play Wild.  You can spend your sapphires by visiting the Sapphire Shop or you can purchase a new animal by tapping on the avatar in the lower left corner of your screen.  Here are some of the exclusive items you can purchase with sapphires.

  • Animals
  • Clothing
  • Dens
  • Pets
  • Furniture
  • Music

There are tons of different things to spend your sapphires on in Play Wild.  Another thing you can do is you can cash in your sapphires for gems.  But I don’t recommend doing that since sapphires are a lot harder to get than gems.

How to Get Free Sapphires in Play Wild

Now the question a lot of Jammers ask me is how do I get more sapphires in Play Wild??  Well you’re in luck because I’ve got some tips to hopefully help you get more!  I’ll start with the easiest way then work up to the harder ways to get more sapphires.

Sapphire Codes for Play Wild

Most Jammers already know what codes are so I’ll be brief but codes are basically cheats that give you free gems, items, and yes, even sapphires in Play Wild.  Codes for sapphires in Play Wild but there are some out available.  Check out our Play Wild codes page for the most up to date list of working sapphire codes.

Remember that sapphire codes can only be used once per Play Wild account.  Using a code for sapphires will instantly add them to your account for free!  Use them wisely because it’s not always easy to get more of them!

Treasure Hunt Sapphires

Another way to get sapphires for free in Play Wild is by winning them in a treasure hunt.  Most treasure hunt prizes are gems but sometimes you will get some sapphires!  The best way to get the most sapphires from treasure hunts is by logging in every day to play.  The more treasure hunts you go on, the more chances you have to win sapphires!

Levels and Achievements

Did you know that there was a recent update to Play Wild so now you can get free sapphires by leveling up and completing achievements in the game.  So keep an eye on your achievements to see which ones you can complete and get sapphires!

Daily Member Sapphires

This method is one of the easiest ways to get lots of free sapphires but in a way it’s also the hardest – you have to be an Animal Jam member.  Jammers who have an Animal Jam membership subscription earn free sapphires every day they log in to Play Wild.  Just like with diamonds in Animal Jam.  Every day you log in to Play Wild as a member, you’ll get 5 free sapphires.

Another nice thing about being a member is that when you renew your Animal Jam membership you’ll also get a huge Play Wild sapphire bonus.  That’s right, in addition to the daily sapphires you’ll be getting, you also get a bunch of sapphires right away.  I got 6,000 free sapphires when I renewed my AJ membership, check it out!

Those are just a few of the ways you can get more sapphires in Play Wild for free.  If anyone knows any other working cheats or codes for sapphires please share in the comments!  Sometimes there are other special promos and events when you can get free sapphires too.  The more you play Play Wild, the more chances you have to get them!

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  4. They should make it so you can exchange gems for sapphires-

    1000 Gems- 1 Sapphire

    10000- 10 Sapphires

    50000- 50 Sapphires

    And so on. I think it would be really useful and make getting a set, animal, den, ect with no money to buy sapphires and/or you completed all the challenges, easier.

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