Jamaa Journal Gets a Makeover + Lots of News this Week!

This week there was a big makeover on the appearance of the Jamaa Journal.  Now I think it looks a lot like the Play Wild journal, don’t you?  The looks of the journal are only the beginning of the news for this week though…

Out of nowhere AJHQ has released a new rare animal – the Snowflake Arctic Wolf!  They’ll only be available for the next few weeks so be sure to get one from the Diamond Shop while you can.  I’ll be making another post about the Snowflake Arctic Wolf as soon as I get one!

It’s already everyone’s favorite time of year, summer!  The Summer Carnival has made it’s yearly return and you can get there from your party list or by clicking the signs around town.

Last year I made a guide with all of the games and attractions at the Summer Carnival.  I’m sure there are some new games and prizes this year so I’m excited to see what they have!

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new pet in the Eggstravaganza.  You can hatch your very own mystery pet by buying an egg at the Diamond Shop or from the nests found in Jamaa.  Customize your egg then wait three days and you’ll have a new mystery pet!  What have you all gotten so far??

The beach house den is the perfect way to spend your summer at your den.  It has everything a beach house should have – a waterslide and a private beach too!  Soak up the sun at this awesome summer den.

The incredibly popular Phoenix Armor has returned to the Diamond Shop!  It’s been gone for a long time but now it’s back!  We don’t know how long though so go get it while you can, don’t get burned!

Now probably the biggest news this week…Last week we got a clue that the new animal would be some type of dog.  There were lots of guesses but the correct answer was coyotes!  Coyotes will be arriving to Jamaa very soon so check back!

Just another reminder that members can have up to 1000 animals in their inventory.  That’s so many animals I can’t even begin to think how I would come up with that many!  How many animals are in your inventory?

With all of the great new animals coming to Animal Jam, it’s no surprise that we have to say goodbye to some.  Falcons have just begun their travels and lions will be traveling soon starting on May 25th.  Get yourself a lion before they’re gone!

If you’ve been saving up for an Animal Jam membership then you may be in luck!  Animal Jam retail gift cards will be on sale from May 15th – 29th at GameStop stores.  This is only at certain Gamestops so you might want to call ahead before you go there!

Lots of farm animals are available to play as so you’ll need a place to make them feel at home.  The Ol’ Barn den can be purchased to convert your den into a cozy home for all of your farm animals!

There are two brand new Ocean Diamond Shops now!  Check out my post on how to find them and what items they have!

Last up, there’s a new adventure called Storming the Fortress.  I’m still working on a walkthrough guide but you’ll be able to find it on the Adventures Page when it’s done!

Phew, that was a lot of news this week!  Looks like AJHQ isn’t slowing down with the updates for 2017.  I can’t wait to see what else is in store this summer!

  1. I love the now animal thats coming soon i cant wait to see and be abowl to buy it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i did a membership code survey but didn’t get my code

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