New Tunnel Town Bunnies – Dinosaur & Skunk

Tunnel Town seems to be back at it with releasing new bunnies at a steady pace.  This month they’ve released two more new bunnies; the dinosaur bunny and the skunk bunny.

Here’s a look at them!


These two new bunnies are pretty awesome, I love the idea of having a dinosaur bunny!  I’m not sure how the other bunnies will feel about having a skunk in the burrow though…

To find out how to breed the new dinosaur and skunk bunnies, check out our Bunny Breeding Guide!  I want to thank everyone who shares the bunny breeding combos they find, it’s really helpful for other players.  Two people have already shared some combinations so you can get the new bunnies yourself!

If you know of any working combinations to breed the new dinosaur and skunk bunnies, please share them in the comments on this page or the bunny breeding guide.  Check back for more bunny combos and Tunnel Town updates!

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