Rare Spike Collars & Wristbands

There have been a few different kinds of spike accessories in Animal Jam over the years but the rare spikes have always been the hardest to get.  I thought it might be helpful to make a guide showing the variations of spikes and share some ways of how to get them.  Let’s take a look at the kinds of spikes that are in Animal Jam!

Rare Long Spike Collars & Wristbands

These are the original Animal Jam long spikes that were released in 2011 as member gifts.  The collars were first called “spikey necklaces” and did not have a rare tag until later on.  Wearing a long rare spike collar during an adventure will add 17 damage to destroyable objects.

Although they were both released at the same time in 2011, many Jammers consider the spike collars to be more rare than the wristbands.  There are 8 different colors of long collars and wristbands.

Rare Long Spikes – Black

Rare Long Spikes – Blue

Rare Long Spikes – Red

Rare Long Spikes – Purple

Rare Long Spikes – Pink

Rare Long Spikes – Green

Rare Long Spikes – Orange

Rare Long Spikes – Yellow

Rare Short Spike Collars & Wristbands

The short rare spike collars and wristbands were also released as member gifts in 2011.  They were first referred to as “spiked necklaces” until they were later renamed as “spiked” collars and wristbands.

Many Jammers prefer the rare long spikes to the shorter ones, probably because the long spikes are more noticeable.  I like them both and think they are equally as rare.  If you wear a rare short spiked collar during an adventure, it will give you an extra 16 damage when attacking.  Just like the long rare spikes, there are 8 colors of short rare spike wristbands & collars.  I don’t have as many pictures of the short spikes, but there is a wristband and collar for each color of spike.

Rare Short Spikes – Black

Rare Short Spikes – Blue

Rare Short Spikes – Red

Rare Short Spikes – Purple

Rare Short Spikes – Pink

Rare Short Spikes – Green

Rare Short Spikes – Orange

Rare Short Spikes – Yellow

How to Get Rare Spikes in Animal Jam

Now that you’ve seen the different types and colors of rare spikes in Animal Jam, your main question is probably how do I get one?!  Well we’re here to help and I’ve put together some ways that you can get a rare spike for yourself!

The Forgotten Desert Adventure

Rare spikes were released back in 2011 so I bet you’re thinking there’s no way you can still get them without trading.  Well I’ve got some good news!  There’s a chance you can win one by completing the Forgotten Desert adventure.  Here’s a guide for how to complete the adventure.  You might not get one the first time you beat the adventure but keep trying because both long and short rare collars and wristbands are available as prizes.  Good luck!

How to Trade for a Rare Spike

Another way to get a rare spike in Animal Jam is to trade with another Jammer.  This can be difficult for a few reasons but here is the process I’d recommend.

  1. First you need to find another Jammer that has a rare spike that they are willing to trade.  I recommend going to the Aldan server because that is the main server for trading.
  2. Once you find someone who has a spike to trade, ask them what they are looking for in return or you can list some of the items you have to trade.  Be ready because most Jammers will want multiple other rare or beta items for their rare spikes.
  3. After you agree on a trade, be sure to use the trading system to avoid being scammed.  You can find some trading tips here.
  4. Complete the trade and now you’ll have your very own rare spike to wear proudly around Jamaa!

Go ahead and comment here on this page if you are looking for a rare spike or if you have one to trade!  You can list the items you have to trade for a rare spike or ask other Jammers what they want for one.

Animal Jam Rare Spike Codes

In the past, AJHQ has put out special codes for exclusive items and accessories.  I’ve seen many Jammers ask for rare spike codes, but I have never seen any that work myself.  I think it’s safe to say that there aren’t any codes for rare spikes because that would make them a lot less special.

However if you think you have found a working code for a rare spike, please comment on this page so I can test it!  If it does actually work, I’ll add it to this page so everyone can see.  You’re really better off just trying one of the other options I listed above though.  I wouldn’t wait around for a rare spike code to come out!

Other Animal Jam Spikes

If the rare spikes aren’t your style, you’re sure to find some other spike collars and wristbands that you like.  Let’s look at all of the other types of spikes in Animal Jam!

Non Rare Long Spiked Collars & Wristbands

After all of the craze over the original spike accessories, Animal Jam decided to re-release the long version in the Diamond Shop in August 2013.  There were new colors but they no longer had the “rare” tag.  Each collar and wristband cost 3 diamonds.  These spikes made another return to the Diamond Shop for a weekend in October 2015 but unfortunately they are no longer available.

Wearing a non rare long spike collar does not give you any additional powers during in adventures but I think they look really cool to wear anyways!  Here are some of the colors of non rare long spike collars and wristbands.

Non Rare Short Spike Collars & Wristbands

Short spike collars and wristbands were re-released as non rare items during a Spiked Sale in 2016 from June 23-26th.  These non rare short spikes featured a colored band with blue/grey spikes.  They were only available for sale for a short time for members only and cost 3 diamonds each.

You can see some of the colors of non rare short spikes below.

Custom Spiked Collars & Wristbands

Custom spike collars and wristbands came out in November 2016 and was only for sale for 4 days at the Diamond Shop.  These custom spiked accessories have thicker bands than the older spikes and each one has 3 different colors instead of 2.

The custom spike accessories were only available in one size which has long spikes.  They cost 3 diamonds each when they were for sale and were available for members only.  These spikes do not add any abilities when worn during an adventure.

February 2017 Spiked Sale Collars & Wristbands

There was another spiked sale from February 16-19th 2017 where a new spiked set was released each day for a total of 4 new spike colors.  Each spike collar/wristband set was only available for one day so you had to log in 4 days in a row to get them all.  These are the different colors of new spikes:

  • Blackout
  • Magenta
  • Rainbow
  • Solid Gold

The new February 2017 spike accessories each cost 3 diamonds at the Diamond Shop and were available for members only.  Click here to learn more about these new spikes.

How to Get Non Rare Spikes

Even though non rare spikes aren’t rare (as you can tell by the name) that doesn’t mean they’re easy to get.  Some of the older nonrare spikes were released over 4 years ago so they can be a bit harder to find.  But don’t lose hope, there are still ways you can get these spike collars and wristbands yourself!

Trading with other Jammers

The first way to get a non rare spike would be to trade with another Jammer.  There are more of the nonrare spikes in existence so it shouldn’t be too hard to find at least one.  I wrote some more info about trading earlier in this post.  All of those instructions still work for non rares, except hopefully you won’t have to trade as many items to get one.

Watch out for Spiked Sales!

Since 2015, AJHQ has been having at least one “spiked sale” per year.  They seem to come at a random time with little to no warning before the sale begins.  So to make sure you don’t miss out, you’ll want to log in to Animal Jam as often as you can.  Probably at least once a week to stay up on the news.  I also update my site with the latest news so I’ll be announcing the next Spiked Sale as soon as it happens!

Another important part of getting the latest spikes is to make sure you have a few diamonds saved up.  I recommend trying to have at least 10 diamonds saved up at any time.  I know it can be hard not to spend them, but that way when the next Spiked Sale hits, you’ll be ready to buy any and all of the new spikes you want!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the different kinds of spikes, rare and non rare, in Animal Jam so far.  Feel free to comment below if you are looking to trade for any kind of spikes.  Hopefully you can find someone to trade with!  Thanks for reading!

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