Jamaaliday Member Bonus & 12 Month Membership Bundle

Hey Jammers!  So my Animal Jam membership expires in December every year and when I logged in this week it was time to renew it.  I usually save up and buy a 12 month subscription each time because it works out to be cheaper each month.

The 12 month Animal Jam memberships always come with lots of free gems and diamonds.  But what I didn’t know is that there is a special promotion going on right now for new AND existing members.  For the whole month of December, Animal Jam members will receive a bonus gift with 3 animals, a pet, the ice armor set, and the Winter Palace den!

This is definitely the biggest membership bonus I’ve seen, usually it’s only one animal and maybe an armor set or special item.  And the bonuses are usually limited to new memberships or renewals – this time even existing members will get this bundle!

So since this is such a rare bonus opportunity, I thought I’d share as I opened mine.  Any Jammers who are trying to decide if a membership is worth it may want to decide soon!  This special membership bonus only goes through the end of December so act fast!

Jamaaliday 2017 Member Bonus

Animal Jam players with active memberships will receive all of these animals and items as a free bonus during the month of December.  Here’s the whole bundle of free gifts you’ll receive!

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Fox

Snow Leopard

Pet Lynx

Ice Armor Set

Winter Palace Den

You get every single one of the animals, dens and items pictured above just for being a member!  How awesome is that?!  If you are still on the fence about becoming an Animal Jam member, here’s a look at some of the other bonuses you get for buying a membership.

12 Month Membership Instant Bonuses

Since it was time to renew my membership, I purchased the 12 month subscription.  It ends up being cheaper per month plus you get a ton of bonuses with it.  So if you can save up your money to buy a 12 month membership, I highly recommend it!

So when you log in for the first time with your new membership, you’ll be greeted with some awesome gifts.  Get ready because you’ll be opening a few of these!

First up is a huge diamond gift – 60 to be exact!  That’s enough for 6 diamond shop animals, 6 full sets of armor, or anything else you’ve wanted to buy.

After that comes a whopping 25,000 gems!  Combine that will all the gems you can get from our codes list and you’ll be rich!

You’ll also get 6000 sapphires to spend in Play Wild so get ready for a mobile shopping spree!  And this is just one of the bonuses for Animal Jam members.  If AJHQ keeps this up throughout the year then there will be even more free animals and items for members.

So if you’re still trying to decide what you want for the holidays, an Animal Jam membership is a pretty great gift idea.  If you want to see some other ways to get a membership, click here to see our guide for how to get a free Animal Jam membership.  I want to see everyone be able to be a member so I’m always here to help!

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