March 2018 Codes Update + New Guides!

Hey Jammers!  A new month means new codes and we’re back with the latest Animal Jam and AJPW codes for March 2018.  I’ve gone through both lists and tested every code to make sure they’re all still working.

I’ve also added some new working codes to each list!  That’s right, more free gems are up for grabs.  You can find all of the newest working codes on the pages listed below.

For the newest Animal Jam codes for March 2018, click here.

And you can find the newest Play Wild codes here.

But codes aren’t the only thing that’s been updated here at Animal Jam World.  Since our last update there have been some big changes around Jamaa.  But don’t feel overwhelmed because we’re here to help!

The first big change was the addition of a brand new land area – Balloosh.  This swamp-like area features some new animals never before seen in Jamaa.  I’ve created a guide to help you find all of the items for the Balloosh Journey Book.  Good luck!

Also for those of you who have been doing the Call of the Alphas Journey Book, the third and final part of the page is now available.  I updated the original guide to include all three parts so you can win all three new Alpha prizes!  You can find the Call of the Alphas guide here.

Last but not least, there’s a new app from the creators of Animal Jam called Dash Tag.  It’s an endless runner game with all of your favorite Animal Jam animals!  If you’ve ever played Subway Surfers, it’s kinda like that.  I made a couple cheats guides for it and I will be adding to them as I play the game more.

It’s already been a big year in Jamaa and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for 2018!  Thank you again to all of the readers who share the codes that they find.  I couldn’t keep the site updated without your help!

  1. what is the nm spike code

  2. can some ppl tell me some codes

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