Secret and Hidden Rooms in Animal Jam

Have you ever wondered if there are any hidden rooms, locations or secrets in Animal Jam? Jammers are usually curious by nature, so the sense of adventure is always there. I went out and checked if there are any secret and hidden rooms in Animal Jam.

On Animaljamworld, it is already possible to check out extensive reviews of three secret rooms in Animal Jam. The Basement of Secrets, Royal Ridge Shop and The Forgotten Archive. However, we have found another secret room, Epic Wonders, and we wanted to go and check what it is all about!

The Basement of Secrets

The first secret room we are going to take a look at is called Basement of Secrets. This room was introduced into Animal Jam back on January 21st, 2016. Usually, the people at AJHQ will report these things beforehand, in the Jamaa Journal. However, they decided not to do so, and kept The Basement of Secret a real secret.

Even though The Basement of Secrets hasn’t been officially introduced, this secret room is still very much a part of Animal Jam. It includes a shop, allowing you to buy the Chamber Lamp, Chamber Candle and Chamber Scroll. For a more detailed look at The Basement of Secrets, check out this extensive post!

Royal Ridge Shop

Perhaps one of the oldest secret rooms in Animal Jam is called the Royal Ridge Shop. This shop has been released on March 6th, 2014, making it more than four years old. You can find the Royal Ridge Shop up high in Coral Canyons. Look for the Den Shop, and then look above it. You will notice that the Royal Ridge Shop is only accessible with flying animals, such as Falcons, Flamingos, Toucans, Owls and Eagles.

The Royal Ridge Shop only has seven items up for sale, with their prices being quite high. You can buy a Large Trunk, Stained Glass Window, Stained Glass Lamp, Gem-Encrusted Rug, Royal Archway, Rack of Clothing and Rack of Rare Clothing in the Royal Ridge Shop. We also have a more detailed post on the Royal Ridge Shop, which you can check out here!

Forgotten Archive

Another interesting and secret room in Animal Jam is the Forgotten Archive. Released on September 14th, 2017, this secret room can be accessed by going through the Lost Temple of Zios. The Forgotten Archive has a few interesting places within it, such as the shop, the relics and a number of different adventures. Check out this post to learn more about Forgotten Archive, and all the attractions you can find there.

Epic Wonders Shop

The secret room that we are going to be taking a closer look at is called Epic Wonders. Have you ever wondered where some of the wealthy Jammers get all of their bling? There’s a very high chance that they bought those items at the Epic Wonders shop. Let’s take a closer look on how to get to Epic Wonders, starting anywhere in the world of Animal Jam.

First, click on the world map, because you’re probably going to have to travel. Click on the top-right corner and go to Coral Canyons.

Once there, walk downwards and to the right, until you see a waterfall of some sorts. If you look clearly, you can see the entrance to Epic Wonders through the waterfall. To enter Epic Wonders, simply walk through the waterfall and into the cave itself.

The first shop can be accessed by clicking on the blue orb. The second shop is located above the blue orb, and is in the form of a green orb. To access the green orb, you need to walk up the stairs and click on it.

You will notice that the items in the shops at Epic Wonders are very expensive. The items are supposed to be exclusive, and not many Jammers are able to afford them.

The Epic Wonders shop sells the most expensive item in all of Animal Jam, which is the Gold Brick. If you want to own a Gold Brick, be prepared to spend 10,000 Gems on it, each!

The most expensive clothing item can also be found in the Epic Wonders shop, which is the Golden Bow and Arrows. The set goes for a price of 4,500 Gems.

That is basically everything that Epic Wonders secret room has to offer. Make sure to check out the shops regularly. Sometimes, Animal Jam items get relocated to Epic Wonders. It is not clear why AJHQ does this, but it is worth to give it a look.

Do you know of any other secret or hidden room in Animal Jam? Make sure to leave a comment on this post and share your findings!

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